Nedal Abu-Alkhair
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The Region's Plagues: The So-Called 'Middle East'
Book Description
Conflicts, corruption, political chaos and economic inequality have dominated the area of the world we call the "Middle East" throughout history. In The Region’s Plagues, Nedal Abu-Alkhair gives an insider’s perspective on the complex issues and challenges faced by "Middle Eastern" states.The book offers a detailed and up-to-date critical examination of the region’s assets and problems and contemplates whether a positive future is possible for the people who live there. The author uses his extensive knowledge of the region to question why an area so rich with natural and human resources is beset by poverty, economic stagnation and extensive unemployment.Unafraid to shine a light on corrupt regimes which choose to serve their own interests and those of Western powers over their people, The Region’s Plagues gives an honest and unblinking look at the reality of life in the "Middle East".With brutality, violence and inequality being accepted by many as normal, the book examines how the "Middle East" is in danger of becoming a land without people. Abu-Alkhair aims to shed light on the main socio-political issues affecting the region to provoke a meaningful debate and suggest what might be done to set the "Middle East" on the long road to recovery.

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