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Flex: 21 Ways to LEAD Yourself and Others Through Traumas, Transitions and Terminations (December, 2020)
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Most people, no matter how successful they are financially, still wage an inner battle over bad habits, half-baked hangups and unmitigated hurts. Flex: 21 Ways to LEAD Yourself and Others Through Traumas, Transitions and Terminations guides people on the journey to heal their own wounds, steady their own wobble and to affirm the anecdotal wisdom of their own story.

Flex: 21 Ways to LEAD Yourself and Others Through Traumas, Transitions and Terminations is a book that Dr. Mark Kolkman has lived a lifetime of success and set back in order to write.

Through the vivid imagery of storytelling, Kolkman guides readers over the bumps and battles we very likely have in common to tell tales of resilience and lessons of learning. As wild and crazy or even unbelievable as each ensuing page may be, this book is NOT a career chronicle or an autobiography. Rather, the true purpose of Kolkman’s debut work is to deliver the result of resilience for everyone who reads the book. Gleaned from firsthand experience, Mark manages to muster sage perspective and simple wisdom from each of the wounds of his life. Across each page Kolkman introduces his readers to 21 perseverance-oriented slogans like, “Don’t whistle past the graveyard, I’m doing so well it hurts, No answer is not a NO answer, It’s better to be the hammer and not the nail, That’ll feel better when it quits hurtin’, God will take your life but He won’t let you die, It’s free to help but it’ll cost you $20 to stand there and watch, You have to manage the trade offs, Boundaries create freedom, The answer is NO whats the question, Opinions are like armpits; every body has two and they both stink, and You’ve gotta go there to know there,” just to name a few.

Kolkman has recalibrated the leadership compass to always point in the direction of people-centered and challenges leaders at all levels to reorient the arc of their influence by committing to head otherward. Flex: 21 Ways to LEAD Yourself and Others Through Traumas, Transitions and Terminations is a navigational tool designed to bring to an end suffering in it’s various forms. With wisdom and wit Mark persistently guides readers uphill toward optimism and flourishing. Then with the end in sight and success only steps ahead, Kolkman yields the lead to the reader to stand successfully atop the summit of resilience as the hero of their own story.
Author bio
Dr. Mark Kolkman is the founder of Flex Solutions, LLC. As Chief Solution Officer Kolkman leads a multifaceted creative agency and leadership advocacy group that specializes in the strategic development and launch of personal brand strategies as well as the implementation of corporate branding and brand management. Equal parts creative influencers and people-centered leaders, the team at Flex Solutions, LLC leverages years of business to business, consumer marketplace, not-for-profit, health care and higher education experience to provide wrap around services ranging from marketing and communications to brand and reputation management along with one key differentiator; the catalyst of coaching! Flex Solutions, LLC offers one-on-one executive coaching, expert led cohort model peer coaching for mid-level managers aspiring to advance and innovative consulting services necessary to drive entire organizations to embed behavioral changes system-wide. Kolkman and his associates masterfully guide anyone who aspires to build a conscientious brand into a people-centered movement that dramatically influences prospects, clients and the workplace culture alike. With sound strategy and systematic implementation, Flex Solutions, LLC creates original content for external audiences and coaches trust, creativity and collaboration within the corporate community.

Flex Solutions, LLC exists to define your company’s brand and coach you and those you influence to transform your organization to exist for the sake of others.

We use the soul of story to reveal the heart of what matters!

Mark is a life-long learner, leadership influencer and an ever transforming person of faith. While riding the rollercoaster of life Mark has met success and setback in both his personal and professional life. Fueled with exuberant optimism and enduring spirituality, he has effectively traversed the relational traumas of life; death of those he loved, divorce and self-doubt. During his more than 25 year professional career, Mark has met much success and many setbacks. Always curious to find emerging areas for greater impact, Mark has never feared vocational transitions. Over the years he has successfully repositioned himself to be influential in three significant roles; teacher, administrator and executive leader. As a teacher and coach he changed the lives of thousands of teenagers through his compassionate engagement with students in the classroom and on the field. When tapped to serve as an educational leader and then called into ministry as a church executive, he in turn influenced the lives, families and careers of hundreds of adults by wadding head first into the relational mishmash that is the human condition. In each role and in every space, Kolkman consistently listens, leads and loves those around him by seeking authentic ways to inspire others to dream more, believe more and achieve more. Whether in the workplace, his professional network, community of faith or while relaxing at the local Starbucks, Mark is always looking for new ways to add value to others.

Mark and his wife were each born and raised in the Chicago suburbs where they still reside today. Together they are the loving parents of two great sons and the persevering owners of two so-so dogs. They are equally yoked in their faith but when it comes to professional baseball, they are a house divided.

You can follow Mark anywhere you connect socially @DrMarkKolkman or email him directly at mark@FlexSolutions.llc.
Professional Speaker Topics
Mark is an influencer whose reputation for integrity, empathy and consistent reliability spans the Chicago metropolitan for almost 30years. A personal brand ambassador with a dynamic flare for public speaking, Mark has delivered commencement addresses before audiences of more than 5000, preached sermons to congregations of 50, 150 and 2500 and has lead professional development seminars for groups or all sizes. His engagements range from keynote speeches for small and large businesses, institutions in public education, colleges and universities to local civic organizations. Mark also leads daylong workshops for businesses and retreats for church leaders tailored to outcomes based on the select needs of his clients. In any setting, Mark inspires his audience with a vivid call to action and authentically weaves the lessons of his lifetime with the practical tenets of faith, traditional ethics and values based on people-centered leadership. Mark delivers value for his clients because he speaks from the heart through the art of storytelling.

You can learn more and follow @DrMarkKolkman or connect with him directly via email at mark@FlexSolutions.llc.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

I can’t promise to fix or cure your hurt, hang up or bad habit, but I can promise that you won’t have to face them alone.

  • Dr. Mark Kolkman

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