Kali Williams
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Ditch the Bitch Stigma: Embrace Your Inner Badass
Author bio
Kali is an entertaining, informative, powerhouse speaker who instigates unexpected ah-ha moments for her audiences. She uses storytelling and her unconventional background to keep listeners engaged while giving them concrete and actionable advice. Kali is a provocative, revelatory, knowledgeable leader…with a twist.

After bringing innovation to sex education, Kali’s working to give a boost to women’s empowerment and diversity especially in the tech and startup communities.

Kali Williams is the author of “Ditch the Bitch Stigma: Embrace your Inner Badass” and founder and CEO of KinkAcademy.com, a revolutionary and comprehensive website including a library of sex-ed videos for adventurous, consenting adults. Kali brings a unique approach to women’s empowerment; her expertise comes from over 10 years as a professional dominatrix, BDSM teacher, and kink coach. Kali has learned that the techniques required to approach difficult topics and situations are universal, whether we’re building confidence in the bedroom or in the boardroom, and she’s had great success translating the lessons from the kink world into techniques women can use in every aspect of our lives.
Professional Speaker Topics
Confidence, Communication, Resilience

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