Dawn Paoletta
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Journaling for Discovery and Delight
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There's more than one way to skin a cat and if you want to eat an elephant one bite at a time that's your business. But, if you'd rather skip the gross and abusive commentary and be surprised and delighted discovering your own writing rhythm- then this book is for you. Here are 21 creative journaling prompts that will take you beyond yourself into infinite possibilities and directions, supporting your creative journey whatever expression your art form takes. Although the prompts are for personal writing and excavation purposes, there are a number of turns to take, making it possible to journey with these prompts over and over again with fresh insights each time. With her sometimes serious, often silly and always enthusiastic approach, Dawn Paoletta will be that writing partner and coach you always knew you wanted but never found.
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Narragansett, RI USA
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Journaling, Free Writing, Motivation, Planner Love, Creative Writing, Bullet Journaling, Wtiting for Mental Health, Wellness and Freedom, Journaling Faith, Journal To The Self
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

I know journaling and writing can change lives and save lives. It has done so for me.

Live the Life You have imagined-without hesitation!

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