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Winning Horsemanship. A Judge's Secrets And Tips For Your Success
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This is the book your horse wants you to read! You will also learn how to cultivate and hone that winning edge.

If you have ever dreamed of taking your horsemanship to the next level; or left the arena thinking you could have done better - or wondering why you didn't, then Winning Horsemanship will show you how to achieve the success you desire and deserve. Learn how to master yourself, your horse and the secrets of winning!

You will discover:
- How to double your enjoyment of your horse... in and out of the arena
- Tips and secrets of successful ring craft used by top trainers and riders
- How to avoid painful, costly mistakes that can hold you back - or get you hurt
- The psychology of confidence (and how to share it with your horse)
- How simple changes in what you think can change the way your horse behaves
- 7 proven steps to prepare your horse for any competition
- Subtle ways to take control and say goodbye to poor performance forever

Have more fun with your horse!
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Redlands Coast, Queensland, Australia
Author bio
Joanne Verikios grew up in Queensland, Australia, the eldest of three children and the only one who dreamed of a life with horses. Her childhood was full of adventure. Joanne graduated from university with an Honours Degree in Russian and rose to the senior ranks in the federal public service before reinventing herself as a businesswoman and author.

Joanne's earliest ambition was to be a bareback rider in a circus. Although that has yet to happen, she did persuade her parents to buy her a pony by the age of nine. That was the beginning of the evolution of Joanne's ideas and philosophy about how horses and humans interact.

Other life highlights included founding and running the Highborn Warmblood Stud for 16 years, breeding an elite stallion, twice representing Australia in the sport of Powerlifting and receiving Honorary Life membership from the Australian Warmblood Horse Association (AWHA). As an author, Joanne was honoured when her first book won an international award for Sports Non-Fiction and rated a 5 Star Review from Readers' Favorite and other readers.

In her travels as a judge and Warmblood classifier, Joanne sees some fine horsemanship. She also empathises with those who love their horses and have beautiful dreams, but who lack the knowledge to keep them safe, let alone achieve the success they desire!

Building a fulfilling relationship with a horse is something Joanne believes every horse lover can pursue and attain. Joanne's mission is to engage with people on the path that she has already navigated. She loves sharing her wisdom with those who have passion, yet do not know how to progress.
Professional Speaker Topics
Mindset, motivation, being a champion, horses and other animals
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Be honest at all times, write as well as you can and finish what you start.

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