Cindy Marie Jenkins
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Beijing, People's Republic of China & Orlando, Florida, United States
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Cindy is known as someone who helps people by analyzing their dreams and goals through her own experience. She draws on years as a theatrical writer and director to understand people, and her years as a stage manager and producer to figure out a detailed, step-by-step plan tailored to each individual.
Currently a Write-at-Home-Mom in Beijing for cool reasons that require multiple NDAs to explain, Cindy chronicles her life as a Trailing Spouse and Work-at-Home-Parent on her blog and Instagram. After reading her series #MakeItWorkMonday, Time Out Beijing Family offered her a 4-part series on being a work-at-home-parent. She also dispenses monthly advice for write-at-home-parents at Writer’s Atelier and has written on the topic at The Mom Forum.
Cindy ran workshops around Orlando to help people “Make it Work as a Work-at-Home-Parent,” including one hosted by the Orange County Public Library. Cindy was a renowned Los Angeles marketing consultant for the arts, known for her highly organized and creative approach to help clients articulate their values and communication plans; these included an NEA funded workshop series. For five years she experimented in connecting audiences with arts they’d enjoy at the Hollywood Fringe Festival through live interviews, podcasts and a YouTube reviews show. She’s also been a guest teacher and lecturer at the SAG Conservatory, the Antaeus Academy, the Motion Picture Academy and Florida Southern College.
Her editorials and articles have been published at The Mary Sue, Theatre Communications Guild, The Clyde Fitch Report, The Mom Forum, No Proscenium, Dwarf+Giant (a blog of The Last Bookstore), Time Out Beijing Family, Writer’s Atelier, Better Lemons, Theatre @ Boston Court and more. Her writing topics of specialty include moving with kids, working from home, DIY marketing, arts features, theatre critique, immersive experiences, the intersection of arts and parenting, fairy tale and mythology retellings. She can also guide you to the best beer available in Disney World. Her short story “The Keys in Her Lock” was published in Battle Demon Goddess’s anthology Demonic Household: See Owner’s Manual.
On the theatrical side, Dragon Compact, her retelling of Rapunzel, was part of Moving Arts’ Car Plays in the International RADAR LA 2010 Festival. Because of her play Voices From Chornobyl that was based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning book of interviews, Cindy was honored to be the Keynote Speaker at the 2007 UK Remember Chernobyl Conference. Voices toured throughout venues in Los Angeles to raise money for Chernobyl Children’s Charities from 2005-2010, when she also premiered the interactive children’s adaptation at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. A number of UK Chernobyl charities also mounted their own readings to honor the anniversary and raise awareness.
She served as Communications Director and Social Media Strategist for 24th ST Theatre, Women's Theatre Festival, The MOMS Club of Conway (Orlando) and The LA FPI (Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative) where she also spearheaded #FringeFemmes, a way to highlight female lead Hollywood Fringe Festival productions to encourage more gender parity on stage.

Professional Speaker Topics
Make it Work as a Work-at-Home-Parent
The Relo Down Low: How to Sustainably and Joyfully Relocate a Family
Self Promoting Without Annoying Your Friends
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"Yesterday you said tomorrow."

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