Writer & mindfulness teacher Claralynn Nunamaker
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Tree Tips & Forest Facts: Essays on living in and sustaining California's forests
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Aimed at landowners, land managers, conservationists, and all lovers of the forest, this book provides information to enable people to better understand and make decisions regarding forests. Throughout the book, Registered Professional Forester Clare Nunamaker draws on her experiences as a 'dirt' forester, a SmartWood Certified Resource Manager, and a landowner to bring each subject alive. Topics include Understanding the Forest (fire, soil, riparian zones, trees, and ecosystems), Understanding the Landscape (structural, regulatory, and management tools), Sustaining California's Forests (private landowners, forest management, and roads), and Interconnectedness (conservation, ecological footprints, forest health, fuelbreaks, the urban-rural interface zone, and more). The essays are drawn from Clare's popular weekly newspaper column on forestry and forest management, which ran from 1998-2006 and aired on KZYX/KZYZ community radio in Mendocino County.
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Abergavenny, Wales (UK)
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Early Buddhist, mindfulness teacher, musician, and forester -- I bring heart to everything I do, aiming to empower myself and others to be the best possible version of ourselves.

Raised near Chicago, I moved to California in 1982 and spent 20 years there developing a career in sustainable forestry, eventually doing work with SmartWood of the Rainforest Alliance. A Registered Professional Forester in California, I chaired my professional forestry society and was involved in many local and state-wide projects. My book, Tree Tips & Forest Facts, is based on a weekly newspaper & radio column I authored for many years.

Music was my first meditation practice, starting in 1982. I wrote articles and a small publication on 'Guitar Dharma', and also produced four CDs of largely original fingerstyle guitar and baroque lute music.

In my 30s I came across Nonviolent Communication, drank deeply of it, and wanted to share what I'd learned. The end result was the creation of Mindfulness+ Communication, which integrates elements of Buddhist teachings on mindfulness, right effort, right speech, and Compassionate Communication.

After years of practicing with Mahayana and Theravada Buddhist traditions, in 2017 I left formal, established traditions and created the charity Friends of Early Buddhist Teachings. I study Pāli and Chinese so as to be able to directly access those teachings. I've learned much from in-person study with Leigh Brasington, Bhikkhu Anālayo, and Richard Gombrich.

I write, teach, and coach in the UK under the sole trader name Mindfulness+.
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Early Buddhism, mindfulness, meditation, Compassionate Communication
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We are the people we've been waiting for.

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