Karen Trench-Award-winning author
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Love Loss Light-Illuminating the Path Through Grief
Book Description
It's a day like any other...except it's not. For on this day Karen gets the call that her beloved husband, Charlie, is dead. Suddenly, she is a widow so prostrate with grief that she can barely stand, let alone move forward without Charlie. Yet Karen is determined to get up. Because somewhere inside is a spark that tells her she is not alone. A knowing that God or Universe or whatever we think of as the presence that is greater than ourselves is there, somewhere, waiting for us to open the door and enter that welcoming light. Each chapter of Love Loss Light tells the story of a blessing that reveals itself withing the darkest depths of Karen's grief. Her story is a series of guideposts for every person's individual journey though loss.
Location (city/state/country)
Aurora, Colorado, USA
Author bio
Karen Trench never imagined that she would give up s successful career in television for anything, let alone for a log cabin high in the Colorado Rockies. Then again, she never thought she'd meet her soul mate, with whom she lived in those mountains, on and off, for two decades of blissful marriage. When she found herself a widow, a shocked survivor of her husbands suicide, she could not have conceived that she would someday emerge from the wreckage a strong, happy, and emotionally empowered woman. Now she shares her story of Love Loss Light with a fervent prayer that it may be of service to her fellow travelers in grief.
Professional Speaker Topics
Grief/Loss/Healing/Metaphysical Methods of Healing/Mindfulness Practice/Suicide
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"Allow what is, to be."

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