A.K. Chenoweth

A.K. Chenoweth
A.K. Chenoweth
The Scribal Wanderer
An Inspirational short read.
E-Zines – 3-in-1 The Voice | 3-in-1 The Man’s Voice | 3-in-1 Women in Ministry – Author | Editor
Gaby’s Great Adventures
Benign Surrender
The Genesis Diary: Eden, The Garden of God – Co-Author (2015)
I Love Jesus – 52 reasons why – Compiler
Mel’s Book of Christian Poems – Compiler | Contributor
Gaby’s New Wings – Author – Minerva (1999)
Primary Poetry for All (Anthology 2009), Compiler/Foreword
Primary Book of Poems ’02 (Anthology 2002) Compiler/Foreword
Primary Book of Poems (Anthology 2001) Compiler/Foreword
Gabys New Wings (1998 children’s fiction – pseudonym)
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Portland, OR, USA
From the first moment Alison Chenoweth picked up a pen, she wanted her words to matter. Therefore, she writes from the heart. Everything that she expresses through the written word, is an illustration of her ability to bring a scene, picture or situation to life.

This has a profound effect upon the reader. Her hallmark descriptive writing has been described by others as visionary, penetrating, revealing, enticing, evocative, picturesque and elegant. ​Enabling the reader to search the hidden depths of self and touch the divine.

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” -Winston Churchill

The Bible is the infallible Word of God. Anything else is just fake news…-A.K. Chenoweth