Alison K Chenoweth

Alison K Chenoweth
Alison K Chenoweth
The Scribal Wanderer
In this world, it is so easy for the believer in Christ to become discouraged. In The Scribal Wanderer, A.K. Chenoweth explores the reality of how important it is, that even when things seem to be against us that we continue to press in and push against the door, until it opens. Utilizing the gifts that God has given each and every one of us, is a fundamental way of decreeing and declaring God’s very existence! 

As Vol 1 of the new Short Reads Series, you will be motivated to seek out ALL the gifts that Father God has blessed us with, gifts that are irrevocable…
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Gaby’s New Wings – Author – Minerva (1999)
Primary Poetry for All (Anthology 2009), Compiler/Foreword
Primary Book of Poems ’02 (Anthology 2002) Compiler/Foreword
Primary Book of Poems (Anthology 2001) Compiler/Foreword
Gabys New Wings (1998 children’s fiction – pseudonym)
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Portland, OR, USA
From the first moment Alison Chenoweth picked up a pen, she wanted her words to matter. Therefore, she writes from the heart. Everything that she expresses through the written word, is an illustration of her ability to bring a scene, picture or situation to life.

This has a profound effect upon the reader. Her hallmark descriptive writing has been described by others as visionary, penetrating, revealing, enticing, evocative, picturesque and elegant. ​Enabling the reader to search the hidden depths of self and touch the divine.