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RePurpose Work
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RePurpose Work book is a simple introduction to discovering new ways to use the skills you have to create work. The coaching and training will help you identify your valuable skills and show you ways to help others with what you know.

You will discover:

-How to maximize your previous training and skills and how to re-position yourself in the market place.

-How to integrate your knowledge into a product or service.

-How to make an assessment of your skills and how you can strengthen them through coaching and training.

-The different ways others have used their existing skills and knowledge to create an income.

How does a young mother interested in using her artistic skills and love for chocolate create a profitable business? Or, how can a love for yarn and designing specialty gifts bring in enough income to get the family through a tough time? In both of these cases and many others, women and men used the skills they already had in a new way to create new work.

If you've been yearning to take a new path, make a career change or just expand your life by doing more of the things you've been dreaming about the RePurpose Work course will help you get started. It will equip you with an action plan and inspire you to value the knowledge and skills that you have.

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I’m a serial creative with a relentless love for people, work and business and I’m an unashamed positive force in the world.

I watched my parents work or “contribute” as I like to call it, for over forty years. I think my passion for work (yes, I enjoy working!) came from the occasional trips to work with my dad. He was dedicated and never complained even when (in the early days) he worked two or three jobs to take care of us. His work gave him purpose and dignity.

Now, I have the unshakable calling to build a training company that gives people tools to understand the options they have when it comes to work. Struggling to find a job can diminish your sense of confidence and dignity. It can make you feel that you don’t have a place or a purpose to contribute your skills. But, that’s just one way to look at it. The truth is that we all have more options than we once thought possible. And, when you see your work as your contribution the possibilities explode in front of you.

I do what I do because I don’t want anyone to be left behind or pushed aside. It does not matter how old you are, how unskilled or under-skilled you are or where you live in the world; you have the right to have the dignity of contributing to the world through your work.
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RePurpose Work
How to Use Old Skills to Create New Work

Your Work Is Your Contribution
Restoring Dignity and Honor to Your Work

Calling the Problem Solver In You! The World is Waiting!
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You have more opportunities in front of you than you can ever imagine. It's all in how you look at them!

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