Amanda Fisher
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Unscramble Your Numbers - Unlock the Secrets to Your Business Cashflow
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"Unscramble Your Numbers" is he definitive step by step guide to understanding business cash flow and financial reporting for better decisions.

In the book you will learn:
- what reports you should be reviewing weekly and monthly
- the difference between a budget and a cash flow forecast
- the 5 Key Performance Indicators you should be focusing on
- the importance of setting written financial goals
- why accountability and advice is imperative to improving your numbers

For too many years business owners have not been given the tools and knowledge to empower them to take control of their business and truly understand their business numbers.

"Unscramble Your Numbers" seeks to address this issue and give you the information to guide you through the mumbo jumbo of your business numbers and unlock the secrets to your business cash flow.
Additional Book Titles
Connected Technology - How To Transform Your Business with Cloud Accounting
The Connected Accounting Practice - Embrace Technology, Improve Productivity and Get More Clients
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Canberra, ACT, Australia
Author bio
Amanda Fisher is The Cash Flow Queen and on a mission to educate business owners about their numbers. Amanda is an influential, inspirational, internationally awarded educator who is known for her practical, easy to understand style which encompasses her writing, training, mentoring and speaking.
Professional Speaker Topics
Unscramble Your Numbers & Unlock Your Cash Flow Secrets
Leading With Numbers & Using a Different Perspective
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