James Dillehay
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Start a Creative Recycling Side Hustle: 101 Ideas for Making Money from Sustainable Crafts Consumers Crave
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Most of us recycle. We feel it's the right thing to do. Many of us would like to do even more to help the planet. But between making ends meet and family life, we've got little extra to give. But what if recycling could earn you money on the side and at the same time, help your family bond? People like you have learned how to turn trash destined for landfills into artistic gifts shoppers love to buy. Their stories make up part of the blueprint for what's being called the circular economy. It's all revealed in the new book, "Start a Creative Recycling Side Hustle: 101 Ideas for Making Money from Sustainable Crafts Consumers Crave."
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How to Price Crafts and Things You Make to Sell
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New Mexico, USA
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James Dillehay is a craft business expert and author of 10 books. He has been interviewed in The Wall Street Journal Online, Yahoo Finance, Bottom Line Personal, Family Circle, The Crafts Report, Working Mothers, and many more including Entrepreneur Radio and HGTV’s The Carol Duvall Show.

James developed and presented crafts marketing programs for the University of Alaska, New Mexico Community College, The Bootcamp for Artists and Craftspeople, The Learning Annex and National Association of Independent Artists.

What James has accomplished:

--Written six books on craft business success and the forthcoming: START A CREATIVE RECYCLING SIDE HUSTLE, January, 2020.

--Contributed to three books in the best-selling Guerrilla Marketing series sharing insider tips for growing your dream venture starting with few resources.

--Launched a handmade product line that brought in over $136,400 in sales (and counting.)

--Started and ran a crafts gallery near one of America's top tourist destinations, Santa Fe, NM.

--Marketed more than 200 of my handmade products at highly competitive art and craft fairs, in galleries from New York’s Soho district to the Grand Canyon, and online at Etsy and Amazon.

--Produced and presented crafts business courses for the University of Alaska, The Learning Annex, Sageways, and the Boot Camp Marketing for Artists.

--Coached clients on how to grow their craft business getting publicity on top-tier TV shows including the Today Show, MSNBC, Success Magazine, and others.

--Interviewed in major media including The Wall Street Journal, Family Circle, Working Mothers and top-tier consumer magazines.

--Appeared as a craft business expert on one of HGTV's most popular series, The Carol Duvall Show.

What real people are saying about James Dillehay.....

“James is by far the most qualified and talented marketer for the craft industry. His knowledge is only outweighed by his honest desire to help people.” – Phoebe Welburn, Vice President, Welburn Gourd Farm, Inc.

“Quite an expert….Very informative. I wish we could keep you for the next three days.”
Carol Duvall, HGTV, The Carol Duvall Show

“Should be viewed as the blueprint for success in the crafts industry.”
The Crafts Report

“James was a guest speaker on our Guerilla Marketing conference call and he blew me away with what he knows.”
Jay Conrad Levinson, best-selling author Guerrilla Marketing
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