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B4Success...the revolution within
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Life has many folds. Each fold contains numerous dreams, expectations, perceptions and experiences. Dreams prompt us to do something great for the attainment of a greater life. Expectations incite us to embrace related heaps of various emotions. Emotions raise critical influences on somatic and autonomic process within our body and brain. If those emotions, generated within us are upright, they excite our body and brain to work intelligently, thoughtfully and consciously.

But, when you allow your life to be driven by the patterns of your sub-conscious living, your contemporary paradigm over powers your potential wisdom. The result is a steady struggle for basic survival. B4 Success... The Revolution Within, is the deepest dive into your inner-self. It will unfold the greatest magical instinct, hidden within the layers, of your subconscious living. When you discover, develop and raise your magical instinct, you become the owner of endless powers of your mind. That's the stage when conscious living becomes your habit, and habitual success becomes your nature.
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Noida, India
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He is a consulting professional with a decades of experience in Global cultural environment of technology business. A technology graduate and management freak from XLRI , who has keenly observed the people & problems from the perspective of personal evolution , has tried to consolidate his learning’s in the written format. This was the beginning of journey towards becoming an author for a cause. The cause which is no superficial but basic noble need. The need to understand and create a better life out of the environment in which we live and dream. The need to understand and utilize our most important assets which are our body and brain. The need to ignite the right intellectual spark from within that can create and lead the path from dreams to reality.The need to find simple solutions for so called critical problems of life. The need to help evolving people from a life of scarcity to a life of abundance, from the life of emotional pain to intellectual gain, from the life of revolving stress to flourishing happiness, from the life of afflictive failures to bouncing success.
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Success, Life skills, Motivation , Brain, Mind, Behavior, Belief system, Positive thinking,
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Develop your magical instinct of success...sudhir k v

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