Colleen Sehy
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Finding Shakespeare in America
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Finding Shakespeare in America brings together hundreds of Shakespeare-related attractions across the United States in a single guidebook: more than 200 festivals and theater companies devoted to the Bard; more than 100 places to enjoy outdoor Shakespeare performances; more than 40 Shakespeare and Elizabethan gardens; precious First Folios and other rare copies of the Bard’s works; striking replicas of Elizabethan theaters; statues and art featuring the Bard and his characters; resources to help parents and educators introduce young people to the Bard; and much more. It’s the perfect traveling companion and the perfect way to add more Shakespeare to your life, from the Atlantic to the Pacific and everywhere in between.
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Greater Chicago Area
Author bio
I'm a writer and speaker with special expertise on English, Welsh, Irish, Scottish, and Shakespearean history and culture in the United States and on American Shakespeare gardens. My first book, Finding Shakespeare in America, was published in February 2020. It’s the first in a series of guidebooks highlighting the best of the British Isles in the US. Finding Scotland, Finding Ireland, and Finding England are in development. I also write a monthly column called "Eating British in America" for, a US-based website with a global audience of more than half a million readers. It highlights restaurants, pubs, and other places across the US where readers can enjoy authentic English, Scottish, Welsh, and Irish food.
Professional Speaker Topics
My programs help audiences discover rewarding encounters with England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and Shakespeare in the United States, no passport required. Topics include Finding the British Isles in America (upon request, I can focus on a specific US region or on English, Scottish or Irish sites); Finding Shakespeare in America Talk #1 (insider tips on Shakespeare festivals and theater companies, replica Elizabethan theaters, Shakespeare gardens, and more) and Talk #2 (highlights of America’s longstanding love affair with the Bard, from colonial times to the present day); and Finding Shakespeare in the Garden (dozens of American Shakespeare gardens to enjoy). My 15-20 minute Short Shakespeare program is perfect for pre-show talks at festivals and theaters.
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