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Moments of the Heart
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There are many paths to Jewish ideals, and Moments of the Heart takes readers by the hand in a non-intimidating way to explore Jewish thoughts, choose a kinder life, and be empowered. Our heart has a tremendous influence on how we view life, how we act, and how we build relationships. Just as the heart has four chambers, Moments of the Heart lays out four different types of relationships: with oneself, with others, with the Creator, and once-in-a-life time moments that define people. Each chamber contains several entries introducing topics that stem from Jewish thought and practice that inspire readers to live their best lives, utilizing Hebrew knowledge, wisdom, and word play to dig deep, explore, and bring light to a concept. Native Israeli and educator Dorice Horenstein provides a self-empowering road map that leads readers towards the positive aspects of their lives with a "Lev Moment" opportunity at the end of each entry that sparks questioning, presents tangible tools and activities, and jump starts reflection to aid personal exploration. Approachable and inviting to both secular readers and all walks of faith who wish to cultivate a deeper ethical awareness and spiritual connection, Moments of the Heart serves to encourage everyone to live fully and wholeheartedly―heart, mind, and soul.
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Four Relationships Everyone Should Have to Live Wholeheartedly
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4824 SW Pendleton St. Portland, OR 97221
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To be valued, value others. To be respected, respect others. To be loved, love others!
Dorice Horenstein was born and raised in Israel and moved to Portland after completing her service as an officer in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). She worked in Jewish education for more than 30 years, transferring her love for Jewish traditions and the Hebrew language to more than 1,000 students in private and class settings. Today, the world is her classroom! She travels to different parts of United States, Canada, Europe and Israel and uses her communicative style and her knowledge in Judaism and the Hebrew Language in helping to foster the four relationships everyone should experience to live wholeheartedly! She speaks to all groups who wish to live a better, more focused and enjoyable life! A life with a purpose.
Professional Speaker Topics
Your Personal Heart Moments- The Four Chambers that Make You Who You Are
My Personal HACK System- The Four Ingredients to Get You What You Want in Life
Understanding God's Language- Can These Hebrew Letters Speak to Me and What Do They Say?
Life of Oy and Joy and the Things We Learn
Live to Give- Philanthropy and Living up to Our Purpose
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"I can not change my yesterday but I can inspire my tomorrow" - Dorice Horenstein

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