Dorothy Kissell
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Reinventing My Life
Book Description
Written as my memoir, it is a story of love, lies and loss...and final healing. It is meant to share how I was able to survive emotional and financial tragedies by reinventing my life.
Location (city/state/country)
Palm Desert, California
Author bio
After many years of tragedy, I was able to heal by entering college at the age of fifty-nine. It opened a door to give me an opportunity to overcome deep depression and to give me the chance to rebuild my self-esteem and my creativity that both were nearly destroyed.

I now continue going to school, even after receiving my Masters degree in Creative Non Fiction at UCLA. I have now published my first book, my memoir, titled "Reinventing My Life" by Dorothy Kissell. I hope to share my story with those who can empathize and perhaps find inspiration to rebuild from the onslaught of tragic events.
Professional Speaker Topics
Surviving tragedy
How I am able to live with and control depression
How to heal from tragic events in one's life
The sorrows of caregiving
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

The soul would have no rainbow, had the eye no tear.

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