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Living A Royal Reality
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Living a Royal Reality is not about living a fairytale life or pretending that life is perfect. The fact is, for many of us, our reality has truly been scarred by our life’s experiences and choices. This book was written to empower and enlighten women that through the blood of Jesus Christ, we are Royalties (co-heirs with Christ, Daughters of the King, Chosen by God, Living by Grace). As Royalties, we have access and dominion over everything that JESUS CHRIST has dominion over, which includes our realities. These also include strongholds, fear, sickness, depression, brokenness, poverty, rape, abuse, abandonment etc. As women, these are only a few of the ‘realities’ we deal with daily. As Royalties, we have been given authority to live as more than conquerors, overcomers and true victors over these ‘realities’.
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Empowered For Such A Time As This
Author bio
Crystal Daye is a kingdom-influencer and woman after God's heart. She is the mother of Christelle, minister, international speaker, best-selling author, and Christian Empowerment Coach for Life and Business who holds a genuine passion for supporting the spiritual, personal and entrepreneurial development of women all over the world.

Crystal is the COO of DayeLight International Limited, a Faith-Based Coaching Consultancy Company that teaches women leaders and creative entrepreneurs to monetize their passions and build brands and businesses using online platforms, without compromising their faith. It also houses DayeLight Publishers, and as a Book Coach she helps aspiring authors to birth the books God has placed on their heart so they can impact the next generation.

Crystal's vulnerability and vibrant personality when sharing her story empowers women to never settle for mediocrity and know that they have unlimited potential to achieve what may seem impossible. Crystal's personal story is one of determination, passion and resilience, which has been featured on international blogs and radio interviews.

She believes her life's mission is to inspire and equip women to live wholesome godly lives while increasing their impact and income. She daily motivates people through her writing, speaking, coaching and mentoring, with the aim of empowering aspiring leaders so they can empower others.

To connect with Crystal, visit her website at and follow her on IG, FB and LinkedIn.

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