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Sticky Girls: Why Do Women Stay In Bad Relationships?
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Sticky Girls can unstick! Not only are toxic partners dangerous physically, they can damage your self–esteem and affect decision making. You focus on surviving each day instead of thriving. After a lifetime working for women and families, May Woodworth explores why some women attach themselves to toxic partners, and why they have difficulty unsticking from them. In her debut non-fiction, Sticky Girls—Why Do Women Stay in Bad Relationships?, May approaches dependent relationships in a compassionate manner, giving guidance, and offering solutions to woman who feel stuck. Keep attracting the wrong type of guy? Do you stay invested in toxic relationships well past their expiration date? Have you ever been on the receiving end of relationship abuse? Do you have a relationship pattern that you would like to change? Are you ready to explore why you behave the way you do? Sticky Girls—Why Do Women Stay in Bad Relationships?, is for you. Getting unstuck is not impossible. With the right tools, you can make it happen.
Author bio
After living in all corners of the U.S., May has returned to her New England roots. Since 2010 she has written over 24 books and audio books under pen names and her birth name. for major publishers.
She also writes for a variety of homesteading/farm life publications including, and 2 publications run by Ogden Press/ Mother Earth News. Using real life experiences from the self-sustaining small farm she and her husband created in 2015 and run themselves.
Working and volunteering since she was 12, her volunteer history is almost as long as her work history (Animal rights, land preservation, human rights, food scarcity...)
While raising adventurous children, she enjoyed two simultaneous careers in Early Childhood Education and Human Services. She also has experience in retail management, website maintenance, social media, artist publicity, and much more. Throughout life she usually works 2-3 jobs at a time. In her own word:s
"In 4th grade I remember having to complete a 'quick' assignment titled 'What I want to be when I grow up. I struggled to write something while the other kids were scribbling away. Finally I wrote that I wanted to be happy. Then added my own title below that-'What I want to DO when I grow up. The list went on and on!"
She spends all of her personal time enjoying the company of her husband and the quirky animals that coexist with them
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"Hey you, don't help them to bury the light. Don't give in, without a fight.' Pink Floyd

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