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Klout Matters: How to Engage Customers, Boost Your Digital Influence, and Raise Your Klout Score for Success!
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Influence is more important than ever in today’s connected world as brands, companies, and individuals vie to become the next big phenomenon. Enter Klout, a measurement system that determines s a score from 1-100 to determine how influential you are online and offline by using over 12 billion pieces of data to calculate all Klout Scores.

Klout scores are mostly determined by the amount of engagement you have with your audience, i.e., how many comments on your Facebook or blog post, how many retweets you receive, and your recommendations on LinkedIn. To put it simply, it’s no longer who you know, but how you engage with who you know that matters most when gauging influence.

In their new book, KLOUT MATTERS: How to Engage Customers, Boost Your Digital Influences—and Raise Your Klout Score for Success (McGraw-Hill Professional; October 2013; Original Paperback; $18.00), social media gurus Gina Carr and Terry Brock make a clear case why a Klout Score should matter to you, and offer tools and techniques for effectively raising your Klout Score to evolve into a top influencer yourself. From why social media is the new arbiter of influence, to tips for managing your social media presence, Carr and Brock demystify Klout and show how it is a necessity to thought leaders and businesses who want to grow their communities.
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Orlando, Florida, USA
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GINA CARR is an Author, Speaker and Marketing Consultant who works with Thought Leaders to leverage social media marketing for more profits, influence, and success. A 20 year serial entrepreneur, Gina has an MBA from the Harvard Business School and engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Gina helps speakers, authors, and business owners share their brilliance with the world and build powerful tribes of raving fans.

Gina is the Dean of the Social Buzz University where she hosts world-class business trainers almost every week at She is the co-author of the best-selling McGraw-Hill book on social media: Klout Matters: How to Engage Customers, Boost Your Digital Influence and Raise Your Klout Score for Success. Gina speaks and consults about influence marketing, social scoring, social media, online reputation management, and tribe building. Gina’s Klout Score is 78.
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Over the past two decades, social media marketing speaker Gina Carr, the Tribe Builder, has established a worldwide reputation for helping business owners leverage technology for more profits, influence, and success. She has helped hundreds of clients identify new opportunities for marketing and building customer loyalty. As an engaging and informative keynote speaker, Gina will show your audience how to leverage technology and social media marketing so they can immediately boost the bottom line.

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Klout Matters: How to Engage Customers on Social Media & Boost Your Digital Influence

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Escape from LimboLand

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Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." ~ Old African Proverb

"If you want to go further faster, build a tribe." ~ Gina Carr

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