Anna Carner
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Blossom~The Wild Ambassador of Tewksbury
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Blossom~The Wild Ambassador of Tewksbury is a 66,500-word upmarket nature memoir about the astonishing bond between a wild doe, and the woman who fights to save her life. There is timely, thought-provoking dialogue surrounding the brutal hunting-for-trophy controversy and the author's push for humane wildlife contraception. National Geographic featured Blossom in "The Private Life of Deer."

Publisher's Weekly-BookLife Prize Critic’s Report: "As absorbing as a novel, this heartwarming narrative … resonates to the heart’s core. Unique for its gripping plot and smoldering spotlight on the brutality of hunting ... the book compares to no other.”
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The Plains, VA, USA
Author bio
As one of the first paramedics in Florida, Anna volunteered with several Fire Rescue squads during the tumultuous Cuban Mariel boatlift exodus and Miami riots in the 70s. She received a special commendation from the Mayor of Miami for her "Good Samaritan" efforts.

The Bahamas were only a day away, by boat. Several years of sailboat living, home-schooling her son, scuba diving, and exploring the island chain, were interspersed with true emergencies--where her medical training proved crucial to people living in the remote outer islands.

When Anna, her husband Pino, and a menagerie of animals moved to the community of nature-loving enthusiasts in Tewksbury, New Jersey, raising alpacas and competitive endurance trail riding became Anna's passions.

Blossom, the fawn Anna rescued, became a star in National Geographic's "Private Life of Deer" documentary. The following day, an editor asked her to write their story. It took five years to complete Blossom~The Wild Ambassador of Tewksbury.

Anna continues to write while marketing the product brands she developed: Leather Therapy, Unicorn Fibre, and Unicorn Baby.
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Pull yourself up by the bootstraps

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