Summit day on Tocclaraju, Peru
Most Recent Book Title
Dancing on the Edge of an Endangered Planet
Book Description
Twenty six thrilling tales that span the globe and include 5 extreme sports. A richly photographed memoir of a poor farm boy who finds his soul in the mountains and canyons of this great planet.
Additional Book Titles
"Finding a New Life on Tocclaraju" Website only.
Location (city/state/country)
Nederland CO USA
Author bio
John started his education in a one room school in Western ND, but he has always believed in following his dreams. These dreams have taken him on a life long journey of international adventures that include climbing some great mountains, kayaking the deepest canyons on earth, professional skiing, and western rodeo. He also managed to achieve a BS in Architectural Engineering and has designed and built numerous solar homes. He is currently pursuing a retirement career in inspirational speaking.
Professional Speaker Topics
"Staying Positive in a Crazy world" and "Secrets to Maintain Youthfulness at any age"
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"All the Fun Things are Dangerous"

  • Rio Claro in Central Chile

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