F. J. Talley
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Lexington Park, MD, United States
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F. J. Talley is a career educator whose career has spanned four decades. Through the years he has served as a Dean of Students, Associate Provost, and Vice President, in addition to being a small college President. He has been privileged to worked at institutions in six states, and in both public and independent institutions. While his career began in Student Affairs, he has also taught undergraduate Psychology courses at two schools, and graduate courses in Student Personnel and Higher Education at Rowan University.

He currently serves as director of a scholars program at an honors college, and his underrepresented students boast a four-year graduation rate of 71%–higher than the graduation rate of other students at his college, and higher than the four-year graduation rates at all but 10 public colleges in the United States. His goal through CollegeandParents.com is to help students succeed, and to empower parents to be the best supports they can be to their students in college.
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There is always a Plan "B"

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