James Emmanuel Mutumba
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Mind Your Character
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Character, being the quality of one’s personality, has a considerable influence on a person’s day-to-day social, professional, and occupational interactions. This book tells you all about it. Reading it will revive one’s life and give it new direction.

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It Largely Determines Your Success or Failure in Life
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I was born and raised in Uganda. My mother (RIP) gathered us children at a spot in the moonlight or at the fire side as she cooked supper and told us stories. My siblings and I looked forward to that time enthusiastically. Personally I came to love stories and storytelling.

I loved reading story books especially about the wisdom and craftiness of creature hare right from primary school. In secondary school, Charles Dickens' books like Oliver Twist and Great Expectations raised my reading interest higher. The African Writers Series (Story Teller Chinua Achebe' books, for mention) came next, followed by other novels. Along with story books, I have read quite a lot of history and Christian stuff.

If my interest in reading was not enough to make me a writer, then, I must say my education in communication arts and in theology completed the motivation I needed and additionally made me a Christian writer.I once worked as director of the Church of Uganda's Centenary Publishing House and as editor of the church's periodical, The New Century. In between these two appointments I was editor of Daystar University weekly newsletter.

I write both non-fictional and fictional material-- All motivational.

Apart from reading and writing, I am interested in family, pastoral counseling and following world current affairs. I am happily married to Elizabeth and we have five children and three grand children.The core aim of my writing is to give Christian inspiration to my readers because I believe that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Psalm 111:10) and it has a great influence on one’s success in life.
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Character and Success, Success in Life, Connection with God, God's Grace
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A Successful Life is One lived Purposefully.

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