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Born To Survive - You Can't Break A Broken Heart
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Born to Survive

Hello, world.

My name’s Kylie-Anne Evans, and I am a sexual abuse survivor. I know I will lose family members because of my story, but the truth must be revealed.

A family member abused me at an early age, and I was also raped twice, one resulting in me becoming pregnant to my rapist, I lost my daughter when I was 15 years old, Amy-Leah Rose was almost 22 weeks stillborn.

Furthermore, I’m a domestic violence survivor, where for ten long years I ended up being assaulted both mentally and physically by my boys’ father. During all this, he also deprived me financially.
If they weren’t on his shopping list, I couldn’t even buy myself simple things like sanitary pads.

I've attempted suicide on more than one occasion, and I've lost so many family and friends to death, be it natural or murder.

I've suffered from depression since I was thirteen years old, triggered when I was first abused by a family member.
I also have trust issues with men and some women, and with good reason.
Finally, in 2003, I made the break from my cruel husband, but I left the most important people in my life, my boys, with their father.
You might ask, “Why did you stay stay so long?”
Well, it’s because that was the only life I knew. I had become conditioned to the abuse and felt like I had no way out. My husband once told me that the only reason he married me was that no one else would have me, and I believed him.
I didn’t understand that life could be so much better.

In 2007, I started a ten-year family law court battle to get my boys back, and I won!

Why did I leave my kids behind in the first place?
I had come out of a broken marriage with no money and no food. I didn't even have a place to stay ‘til my best friend said I could crash on her couch. She said I could bring the boys, but they would have had to sleep on a mattress on the floor, which will never do. I did what I thought was right for them, and they stayed at their dad’s.
Mentally destroyed, I couldn’t even look after myself, let alone my kids.
You will heal in time, I promise

This is my life, and my choices have made me who I am now.
I could have been dead years ago, but I chose to SURVIVE.
Life is hard and it will screw you over, but you deal with it the best way you can.

All I hope is that you will see the rainbow at the end of the storm.
I never thought, after all these years, I could be happy again.
I'm proof that once you make the break, you can live again. You can find love again and you can be happy.

Today, I am 44, and life is great. I have a fiance who loves me and three kids who make my world more than perfect.
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I am a 44 year old Mother of 5 Children and a 16 month old grandson, I live in a country Town, with my fiancee and 4 dogs.
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"Get out there and live the life you want and Never let anyone dull your sparkle ".

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