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Conversations With US - American Southwest
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FORGET THE POLLSTERS AND PUNDITS – America can speak for itself. Are you ready to undertake an epic two-wheeled journey through all 50 states to hear what our nation has to say?

The Conversations With US series chronicles some 16,000 miles of pedal-powered exploration as author Chris Register and his trusty touring rig set forth to uncover the truth about our shared hopes, challenges, and potential. This second installment takes you from Houston to Death Valley in search of the cowboys, Native peoples, entrepreneurs, oilmen, desert artists, and others who define this corner of the USA. Between narrow escapes and sweeping vistas, Chris’s immersive conversations with these folks blend with ochre buttes and rusty barbed wire to offer a rich snapshot of our nation’s most fabled landscape. So, grease your chain and saddle up —your unforgettable trek into the American Southwest awaits.
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Conversations With US - Great Lakes States
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Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
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Chris Register served in the Peace Corps, graduated Georgetown Law, and litigated cases in U.S. district court before cycling some 16,000 miles across the United States to chat with hundreds of everyday Americans from all 50 states and walks of life. His Conversations With US series now invites readers to ride along and connect with the landscapes and people of our shared nation.
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Self-Publishing; Narrative Nonfiction; Art of the Interview; Travel Writing; Adventure Writing
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