Allyson R Abbott

Allyson R Abbott
Most Recent Book Title:
How to Write a Simple Book Review
Book Description:
Many readers finish a book and want to share their experience with other readers. A lot of readers miss out on that opportunity because they don’t realize how simple that is and it only takes a few minutes.
This Award Winning book explains how simple a book review is to write and how many words are needed.
Additional Book Titles:
How to Navigate the Path from Writing to Publishing
How to Navigate The Social Media Maze
How to Navigate the Road to Building Reviews
The Journey: Incorporating the three how to Navigate Books
Location (city/state/country):
Valencia, Spain
Author bio:
My writing career is a mixture of fiction and nonfiction, Although it is my nonfiction book ‘How to Write a Simple Book Review’ which is constantly in the top 100 and has had the most positive book reviews. I started writing when travelling around the USA in a motorhome in 2014 and have not stopped yet. Last year I did reassess my aim as a writer and am now mostly focusing on a brand new series of Vigilante / Justice / Romance with the main character being Foxxy, The Equalizer.
The three Navigation books were written in response to the help and support I received from the Indie author sector when I struggled to make sense of it all. This is me, paying back their help, and hoping to pass forward the information that helped me during my journey.
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