Allyson R Abbott
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How to Write a Simple Book Review
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Many readers finish a book and want to share their experience with other readers. A lot of readers miss out on that opportunity because they don't realize how simple that is and it only takes a few minutes.
This Award Winning book explains how simple a book review is to write and how many words are needed.
Additional Book Titles
How to Navigate the Path from Writing to Publishing
How to Navigate The Social Media Maze
How to Navigate the Road to Building Reviews
The Journey: Incorporating the three how to Navigate Books
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Valencia, Spain
Author bio
My writing career is a mixture of fiction and nonfiction, Although it is my nonfiction book 'How to Write a Simple Book Review' which is constantly in the top 100 and has had the most positive book reviews. I started writing when travelling around the USA in a motorhome in 2014 and have not stopped yet. Last year I did reassess my aim as a writer and am now mostly focusing on a brand new series of Vigilante / Justice / Romance with the main character being Foxxy, The Equalizer.
The three Navigation books were written in response to the help and support I received from the Indie author sector when I struggled to make sense of it all. This is me, paying back their help, and hoping to pass forward the information that helped me during my journey.
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