Maureen Ruhl
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Frozen Tears
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Maureen Ruhl is a survivor. She grew up in a time when people were too embarrassed and unable to talk to their children and/or grandchildren about child sexual abuse. They did not know how they should approach the subject. Most would not know where or how to find the right words. If their words would help the child, confuse the child more or scare the child. This activity book is an excellent teaching tool for counselors, teachers, doctors, nurses, etc. It will help both the adult and the child on their way to discussing the subject of child abuse. It can be a difficult and uncomfortable topic to discuss, in fact I would hope so! It was a difficult subject to write about but it finally opens the door to true, constructive, dialog and finally puts an end to excuses.
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'Addiction' and '200 Years: Celebrating Chapman Township, Pennsylvania'
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Maureen is a wife, mother, grandmother and friend who enjoys blogging, gardening, volunteering to help children affected by abuse, photography and painting. She is an active member of The Chapman Wordweavers Society and will be releasing a new series of books over the next few months.
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Public Speaker, Advocate, Fundraising
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