Eze Onyeka RR
Most Recent Book Title
Introduction to Basics of Clinical examinations, practical skills, and theoretical concepts in community health science
Book Description
Very essential book for Community health Practitioner in Nigeria
Location (city/state/country)
Owerri/Imo state/Nigeria
Author bio
Eze Onyeka RR, is from Umunoha in Mbaitolu LGA, of Imo State of Nigeria.
He is a registered community health practitioner of Nigeria (RCHP), He is currently furthering his studies in University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu in Community medicine
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Herd immunity is a social driver of the national growth, which is synonymous with preventive care and preventive care is synonymous with primary health care and primary health care a social contract between the community and a community health practitioner..(quote by Eze RR Onyeka

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