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Emotions: An Owner's Manual
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What are emotions exactly? How do they function? This dynamic workbook takes the mystery out of emotions. A practical and friendly education about one of the most profound, yet often misunderstood, resources we humans have. It lays the foundation for understanding our core emotions. Then it provides a variety of exercises to release long-held feelings, tools to handle strong emotions and stress, and guidelines for effective communication.

"Hi everyone! This book held my attention from start to finish, and after the first few words, I knew right away that it was going to be an amazing, informative experience delivered in a non-judgmental, non-scary way. I have spent the last few days having an "Emotions, An Owner's Manual" binge-reading session :) Now that I have finished reading this book, I am now going to go back and work on the exercises for each of the emotions. So nice the way the book is formatted so that I can easily go back to the emotions and exercises as needed. I am so grateful to finally look at emotions in a different, more powerful way. Joie, thank you so much for writing and sharing this incredible book with myself and your other readers. I can't wait for your next book, whatever that new book might be. Have a wonderful, blessed day everyone!"
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Joie Seldon’s innovative work in Emotional Intelligence stems from her unique background as an actor and acting teacher, somatic psychologist, entrepreneur, and innovator in Emotional Intelligence. Her book Emotions: An Owner’s Manual is the inspiration for her online course Emotions At Work that helps business professionals navigate the complexities of being human at work.
A leadership, and presentation skills coach, she has worked with clients at AT&T, Blue Shield, Wells Fargo, Project Management Institute, Freemont Bank, Dolby, Nutanix and more.
She holds a master's in Somatic Counseling Psychology. “EMOTIONS: An Owner’s Manual,” available on Amazon and Audible.com.
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The Power of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, Emotional Resilience in Uncertain Times, Kicking Imposter Syndrome to the Curb, How to Harness Your Emotions for Career Success
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Life is Richer When You Feel It

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