Summer Flynn
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Summer Flynn has spent her entire professional career amid books. She has experience in all areas of writing and publishing--from teaching writing at the college level, to acting as Managing Editor of several magazines; from Technical Writing for international corporations, to Creative Writing for theatre and printed publications; from editing fiction, memoirs, and non-fiction to ghostwriting books in various genres.

Summer graduated from Winthrop University, majoring in English and minoring in Writing. She completed her graduate work at McNeese State University in Louisiana, earning a MA in English and a MFA in Creative Writing. After completing her graduate work, she taught college writing and literature for six years before joining Unisys, a global company, as their lead Technical Writer. In an effort to continue honing her creative skills in addition to her technical ones, she wrote for Skirt! Magazine and Iris Magazine. After years of Technical Writing, she returned to editing and writing and became the Managing Editor of Country Roads Magazine in Baton Rouge. During this time, she also presented at various professional conferences on the importance of the writing and editing processes; these included presenting published papers at the University of Mississippi Art Therapy Conference and the South Carolina Library Association Conference. Her book of poetry, Calling Down the Moon, earned her a spot as the Artist-in-Residence with the Of Moving Colors Production Company in Louisiana. She was also a book reviewer for the Pulitzer Prize winning Post and Courier, and was the script writer for the popular cabaret theater show, Cabaret Kiki. She also served on the Board of Directors for the Community of Readers for many years in Charleston, SC.

For seven years, Summer also worked at the Charleston County Public Library. In her position as a Reader's Advisor, she was tasked with matching readers to books that would interest and inspire them. This required her to stay abreast of current publishing trends and author styles, as well as to connect with the reader's interests and needs, whether they were articulated or not. This opportunity shaped her current editing style and has allowed her to connect with authors and get to the crux of their stories. During her seven years at the public library, the Board of Directors voted to create a new position for her that would harness her skills at matching books with their ideal readers; she was thus named the Outreach Coordinator for the Charleston County Public Library where she developed and implemented county-wide outreach reading and writing programs for the Department of Juvenile Justice, Florence Crittenton Teen Pregnancy Home, YWCA, My Sister's House Domestic Abuse Shelter, and Crisis Ministries Homeless Shelter, among others. These programs are still in effect today, and she is proud of the legacy she left for the residents of Charleston County and beyond.

In the last decade, she has turned her attention exclusively to Ghostwriting and Editing non-fiction and memoirs. During her partnership with ForbesBooks, she has enjoyed working with clients ranging from small business owners to Fortune 500 CEOs. She has authored books named Amazon best sellers and has ghostwritten more than a dozen published books.

Because of her background in teaching and creative writing, her editing approach is dynamic and instructive. She helps authors cement their writing styles so they can author more books in the future and continue to brand themselves as authorities in their fields. Her professional experience in the library and outreach fields, has endowed her with the unique skill of understanding a book's audience even before it is written. This is crucial in helping authors connect with their ideal readers in profound ways. She knows what a reader expects, and she makes certain the authors she works with can exceed those expectations.

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