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Achievements & Legacies Series, Black Achievers Commemorative Edition
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African Americans have created many important moments in history, Achievements & Legacies of Famous African Americans will show you some of the great legends who have paved the way for current generations. There is a constant state of evolution in the world of art, literature, dance and music, the cycle of expression is never ending. Become a Part of the Legacy of Achievement.
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The Self Starting Entrepreneurs Handbook,The Entrepreneurs Guide to Business, The Resource Guide to Making Money,Black Achievers Commemorative Edition, Achievements & Legacies Series, The Blueprint Horoscope Series, The Devil's Playground: A Collection of Short Stories, Where Angels Dare Tread, The Great Pretender, Love Underground,
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Hampton, VA
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While living in New York T. L. Allen discovered New York City's wholesale market where she became specialized in specific types of products,and she wants to share this information with you in her new hot selling book, The Self Starting Entrepreneurs Handbook and The Resource Guide to Making Money right here on After all buying and selling makes the world go round. Why not become a part of the American Dream in 2015.
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The Best is Yet to Come.

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