Rinda Ho
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Amazing Adventures in hearing God's voice
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“Amazing adventures in hearing God’s voice” show you keys to:
1. Recognize His voice so that you can build an intimate relationship with Him through dialogue with Him and not just by studying the Scripture.
2. Inquire of the Holy Spirit to receive His guidance before making important and life-changing decisions.
progress from fear and doubt to confidence where you can discern when God is speaking to you anywhere, any time and you can ask Him about anything that concerns your life.
3. Remove worry, fear, and confusion as you learn to receive the “Rhema” word from God in every circumstance that you face.
4. Move beyond having a theology that God loves you and gives you peace and joy to, hearing your Creator whisper words of love, joy and peace into your heart daily.
5. Prosper in the ministry that God has given you without feeling burdensome, stressed, or overworked.
Location (city/state/country)
Perth, Western Australia
Author bio
I am a lover of Christ, having experienced His love when I was 15 years old. After 47 years of being in love with the Holy Trinity, my life mission is to let everyone that I met know that the heavenly Father is interested in them and longs to communicate with them.

I am a marketplace Christian who is a food technologist by profession. God in His favor and love for me has opened doors for me to go to different church groups to activate more than 1000 of His children (young, old, new, and matured Christians and even non-Christians) to hear His voice for themselves and someone else. The hands-on training is conducted in a relaxed atmosphere so that within an hour or so, attendees can hear God speak to them using their five spiritual senses. They leave the training with their prophetic word from the Lord as well as bless another person with a prophetic word. The results debunk the myth that it depends on our spirituality and holiness to hear from God.

Even though I am humbled that God can use me to give prophetic words to the people that attend my training, I strongly believe that it is so much better to teach someone to fish (i.e. to teach them to earn to hear from God for themselves) than to give them a fish (i.e. give them a prophetic word).

I reside in Perth, Western Australia.
Professional Speaker Topics
1. How to learn to hear God's voice for yourself
2. How to ask God to show you your assignment for each year.
3. How to learn to give a prophetic word to someone.
4. How to dialogue with God when reading the Scriptures.
5. How to experience inner healing through the revelation of the Holy Spirit
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

My heavenly Father is always thinking about me. All I need to do is to ask Him what are the thoughts He has concerning me. In this way, I don't need to strive to achieve on my own effort.

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  1. Terry

    Hi Rinda, I just wanted to say ‘Hi’! I was interviewed on Authors Up recently and they told me they had met another author in Australia – you! I then also noticed you live in Perth. My wife and I are in Piara Waters and I pastor a church in Southern river. Good to know of another Christian author in the city. God bless


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