John H.T. Francis
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Reflections on Fundamental Matters: Not for the Satisfied Mind
Book Description
Addressing important questions that have been discussed across many times and cultures, this collection of essays, written in a simple style, seeks to awaken you from the slumber of intellectual complacency.

Author John H.T. Francis presents a multi-disciplinary look at prevalent interpretations and fundamental questions of human interest. He tackles many of humanity’s most important and difficult topics, drawing on many fields of knowledge and action, including science, philosophy, sociology, economics, politics, anthropology, and psychology.

This study explores history, knowledge, the human mind and psyche, the nature of existence, the phenomenon of life, socio-economic and political dynamics, ethics, religions, and several current, pressing individual and collective challenges. It provides elements of answers and attempts to position subjects of general importance under a new light. Universal in his approach, Francis reaches out to those who are interested in reaching deeper into the human understanding.
Author bio
John H.T. Francis is an intellectual and writer. He is particularly preoccupied with the continued intellectual and social challenges of the modern man despite the remarkable human advances in many fields over the past few centuries. John H.T. Francis uses a multi-disciplinary approach to his thinking, equally relying on disciplines as diverse as Philosophy, Science, Social Sciences, and History. He does not shy away from asking the necessary questions while attempting to draw new elements of answers from various fields in a comprehensive and as coherent as possible manner. In doing so, he highlights the intricate and yet beautiful nature of existence and of the human mind. John H.T. Francis does not believe in the primacy of one field of thought or action over the other, the primacy of one human culture or society over the other, or in a fundamental difference of the human condition and psyche across cultures and ages.

John H.T. Francis has an academic background in Science, Engineering, and Business/Economics, as well as geographically and professionally diverse experiences. He currently combines with his writings a career of entrepreneurship.

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