Donna DeVane
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I Can Fill This Space With Any Thing I Want!: Consciously Creating Life
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This isn't a survivalist handbook just teaching you how to keep your head above the water as you struggle through the unending challenges of life. Rather it's a “thrivalist” handbook geared for those who are looking for a better way of living. If you are ready for that New Age, Shifted, Paradigm that everyone is talking about, this is your handbook. Using stories and exercises to help make real changes to belief systems and outdated modes of reacting to everything unwanted in life, the reader is given Secrets that greatly out pace most of the Law of Attraction books already on the market. The author uses ten short chapters with supporting make it real exercises to aid in not just understanding the principles of thriving, but actually give the tools in simple to follow and easy to live steps that make deep changes part of a fun new life adventure. Donna DeVane, The Barefoot Guru has written a book where spiritual concepts are so easily laid out and explained that you will be kicking your heels in the air before you finish reading. Before long you'll look back over how hard your life was and giggle in wonderment about why you lived that way. A whole new way of life is written in these pages, a life that thrills and excites. Stop letting life live you, discover the keys to living life to the fullest!
Additional Book Titles
How To Thrive In A Survival Mindset World
A Journey Back To Self
How To Be Happy And Live Free
How To Stay Motivated For Success
Location (city/state/country)
Alabama, USA
Author bio

Donna DeVane is author of numerous books bring spirituality into everyday life. Through stories and southern sayings, she delivers a charismatic message of personal responsibility and empowerment that encourages everyone to reach out further and live life out loud. Her message features real exercises helping real people live real lives. Donna tells it straight, often challenging the belief system and social structure of her readers and radio listeners.
In addition to writing Donna hosts several radio talk shows each week at Awakened Radio Network which she created to provide a platform for those willing to stand up and speak out in order to help each person remember their divinity.
She also loves video and has a YouTube channel where she uses her own brand of humor to spotlight the “problems” of the world and point out solutions that work. Her message is you are powerful, you are already creating your life so use your power to build it the way you want to experience it.
Professional Speaker Topics
Personal power.
Healing of limiting beliefs & emotional memories.
Everything out there is only a reflection of in here, world events, politics, religion.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Remember Who You Are.

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