Lisa Landtroop

Lisa Landtroop
Lisa Landtroop
How to Stay in the Priority Zone
Take a walk with me into the priority zone and let’s explore the why’s and how’s of staying focused on what really matters the most to you in this life – whatever that may be.

By understanding first how we got into this rat race, we can then begin to move towards a better understanding of how to preserve the precious time we need each week for some of life’s enjoyment.

Life is too short not to be savored, not to be fully enjoyed.

How to Stay in the Priority Zone walks you through the necessary steps of understanding, recognition, searching, and finally discovering how to lead a more fulfilling and intentional life.
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Do Stuff You Love
Lisa Landtroop
Lisa Landtroop was born in Iowa, but has an intense love for the time she spent in Florida as a child. Disney World holds special memories for her that span over forty years. Known most fiercely as a mom, wife, friend, and grandma, Lisa works tirelessly to spread the message that Life’s Too Short! Having known the tragedy of losing a step-son, she knows first-hand that there are no second chances and that now is the time to take life by the reins, while time is still on your side. Lisa implores you to stop saving all of your special moments for someday, because someday doesn’t exist on the calendar. Make the most of today, by living more intentionally, slaying the time thieves in your life, and focusing more on what really matters most to you. Because Life’s Too Short not to!

Check out the What About Today?! podcast on iTunes or at her site Do Stuff You Love {dot} com.
Focus on Priorities, Time Management Skills for a Balanced Life, Living an Intentional Life, Don’t Save all Your Moments for Someday

“Life’s Too Short!”
“Regrets are for Losers!”


“I’m burdened with glorious purpose” – Loki, The Avengers movie