Darlene Sweetland
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Teaching Kids to Think: Raising Confident, Independent, and Thoughtful Children in an Age of Instant Gratification
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Named one of Publisher's Weekly Select 2015 Parenting Titles!

Today’s kids don’t know how to read a map. They can google the answer to any question at lightning speed. If a teen forgets his homework, a quick call to mom or dad has it hand-delivered within minutes. Fueled by the rapid pace of technology, the “Instant Gratification Generation” not only expects immediate solutions to their problems—they’re more dependent than ever on adults. No matter the geographical area, economic status, or family’s structure, today’s kids are being denied opportunities to make mistakes, and more importantly, to learn from them. They are being taught not to think.

In Teaching Kids to Think, Dr. Darlene Sweetland and Dr. Ron Stolberg offer illuminating insight into the social, emotional, and neurological challenges unique to this generation. They identify the five “parent traps” that cause well-meaning adults to unknowingly worsen the problems, and offer practical tips and easy-to-implement solutions to address topics relevant to children of all ages.

A must-read for parents and educators, Teaching Kids to Think will help you understand where this sense of entitlement comes from—and how to turn it around in order to raise children who are confident, independent, and thoughtful.
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Intellectual Disability and Mental Health: A training manual in dual diagnosis
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San Diego, CA
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Dr. Sweetland is a licensed clinical psychologist with 20 years of experience specializing in work with children, adolescents and young adults. She has served as Head Psychologist at a private school for students with learning disorders, Clinical Director for an agency for individuals with developmental disorders, and currently maintains a successful private practice in Del Mar, California. She is established as a sought after therapist and speaker in the areas of child and family therapy. Dr. Sweetland is the co-author of Teaching Kids to Think: Raising Confident, Independent, and Thoughtful Children in an Age of Instant Gratification and Intellectual Disabilities, which was named one of Publisher's Weekly Select 2015 Parenting Titles, and Psychiatric Disorders: A Training Manual in Dual Diagnosis (2011), which has been a primary training guide in psychiatric hospitals and mental health agencies for professionals working with individuals who are dually diagnosed.
Professional Speaker Topics
Dr. Sweetland is a sought after speaker and has presented to over 6,000 people across the country.

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Guidelines for Parents in Preparing Their Children for Adulthood
Helping Parents Set Boundaries for Their Young Adult Children
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Using Technology to Support Problem Solving, Not Dependence, for Children and Teens

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Diagnosis and Treatment of Individuals with Dual Diagnosis
How to Adapt Therapy When Working With Individuals with Developmental Disorders
Cross Systems Collaboration for Individuals with Dual Diagnosis
Adapting Behavior Strategies and Therapeutic Interventions for Individuals with Dual Diagnosis - for direct care providers

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