Keith C Wolaridge
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Five Pillars
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Evergreen Principles for a Son and to Repair A Broken Society. Honest Man. Loyal Man. Decent Man. Five Pillars is a discussion about how a father, without little to no formal education, instilled five principles into his son. While this honorable man didn't leave millions behind, he bequeathed a priceless treasure trove of knowledge and guidance sure to serve the generations to come.
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Bakersfield, CA United States
Author bio
Known for his inspiration and passion, Keith is a well respected leader in his community. When not teaching at the local community college or working in his business, Keith loves to invest his time fulfilling commitment to his family, church, and neighbors.

Keith serves on various boards and committees in Bakersfield, CA. Currently, he in his 11th year as Trustee for the Panama Buena Vista Union School District serving over 19,000 students. Deeply committed to public education he enjoys instructing, invigorating, and inspiring students encouraging them to use the gift of education be all that is within them.

Personally, Keith has been married for over twenty years and he and is wife are the proud parents of four beautiful and courageous daughters. When not serving he spends his time reading, endless hours on social media, blogging, and listening to his favorite musical artists.
Professional Speaker Topics
Public education, Pop Culture, Motivation

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  1. Lara M Batchelder

    Good yo learn of him. I enjoyed being the first 8th grade science teacher at Earl Warren Junior High School and, greatly appreciated the school board. I’ve also taken some classes at our local community College, BC. I’m happy is a family man, married to his wife with 4 daughters and, attends church as well as helps out community.


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