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Stop Stalling and Start Writing
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The ultimate guide to writing a nonfiction book. This book addresses all reasons you may balk at writing your book and gives you the motivation and steps to start writing. The self-publishing industry has exploded and it’s given rise to thousands of new authors. In fact, there are over a million books issued each year. And yet, a book is not a book is not a book. There’s a big difference between a quality self-published book and a do-it-yourself book. Those who are successful follow the professional route and produce a product that can compete with any book produced by a large publishing house. Those who aren’t successful produce substandard products that can be spotted across the room or on your Amazon sales page. Producing a professional book begins with professional-quality writing, which may feel like a big barrier to you because you don’t think you write well. First-time authors need help to craft and develop a message that resonates with readers. Before you begin, you must start with the structure of the book and then layer on good writing. Then you can work with professionals to design a beautiful cover and interior for your book. But even if you get the design elements exactly right, they can’t compensate for a poorly written book. Nancy Erickson is a thought-leader in the publishing industry, and she has developed a step-by-step method to help people who aren’t writers to become authors of high-impact nonfiction books—all in the interest of helping people like you frame your ideas in the most professional light.
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St. Louis, Missouri, USA
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Meet The Book Professor, your non-fiction writing coach.
Nancy Erickson, The Book Professor - My role is to connect the people who have solutions with the ones who need those answers, and I do it by coaching busy professionals to write a high-impact nonfiction book.Hi, I’m Nancy Erickson, The Book Professor. My entire life and all my experiences have led me to this point. I have worked in big business, small businesses, nonprofits, and have been self-employed. I have written books, developed curricula, published other people’s books, and taught university classes. And now I am The Book Professor, your personal book writing coach.

We have so many problems in our world and the top-down approaches don’t seem to work. I believe the answers are trapped inside of people. My role is to connect the people who have solutions with the ones who need those answers, and I do it by coaching busy professionals to write a high-impact nonfiction book. I’m actually the least important component in the process — I’m just the hallway they pass through to take their message to the world.
You only have an idea of what you want to write, and our writing coach services take it all the way through the writing, editing, designing, publishing, and marketing phases. You can even write your book without writing your book.

As a nonfiction writing coach, I help busy professionals write a high-impact nonfiction book that will save lives, change lives, or transform society. We help busy professionals write a nonfiction book that will establish themselves as an expert in their field, increase their credibility, and attract a following.
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Writing Nonfiction, How to Purpose, Plan, and Title Your Nonfiction Book, A Simple Formula for Telling Your Nonfiction Story, Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your Nonfiction Book
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"Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right." Henry Ford

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