Kristen Alger
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So It Happened Like This
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So, It Happened Like This is the perfect gift for your mother-in-law, or a needed read while she's visiting! Come on over and sit for a spell. Front porch swing and y'all glass jar of sweet iced tea not included, but highly recommended. Feel free to add a shot of moonshine, a squirt of lemon, and a dollop of honey. Kick your feet up and settle in for a while. Join Kristen Alger as she unfolds the stories from the Appalachian hills of Alabama, through the sandy dunes of the Emerald Coast, and into the corn mazes of Illinois. Family recipes lure you into the southern and mid-western U.S. for a fun review of life that is guaranteed to make you more than giggle. Hell, it might even make you snort!
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Pensacola, FL, USA
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Kristen Alger studied mechanical engineering, chemistry and Spanish during her undergrad years. She spent some time in medical school pursuing her dream and finalized her studies with a master’s in international public health. So how does that contribute to her abilities to properly introduce you to a world filled with humor and joy? It doesn’t.
Quitting work to stay home and raise three kids and a husband certainly helped. Being a southerner with Cuban roots living in a northern world also contributed. Spending nine years teaching middle school kids was the icing on the cake.
With over fifty years of life experience with family and friends that are second to none, Kristen has become an authority on what is funny. The fact that she’s a prankster certainly helps. Thankfully she survived the backwards somersaults down a flight of stairs to recall some of the funny moments from life.
​ Today she lives in Florida, having traded in mid-western snow for the white sands of the Gulf. Her goal in writing So, It Happened Like This was to bring smiles and laughter into the world. Kristen is a natural storyteller, a self-proclaimed Times New Roman Bestseller who would love to sit for a spell while you relax and listen to her true life stories.

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