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Let's Get Your Book Published
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Do you feel a deep longing to write a book but struggle to find the time, energy, focus, or know how to do so? Have you postponed your dream because you’re striving for the perfect manuscript or because you’ve been searching for an agent or a publisher for a while?

This book will help you break through the obstacles, better define your vision, and finally get your book published! You have a message to share with the rest of the world.

If leaving a legacy in the form of the written word is something you wish to pursue, then this book is a great primer to walk you through all the important phases of the self-publishing process. It will also give you a solid foundation to assist you as you prepare your manuscript for a publisher; build your author platform; align your personal and business goals; and fine-tune your brand, objectives, and values. In this book you will learn:

- The Publishing Industry
- What Is A Book—Really?
- Defining Your Purpose
- Organizing the Book Structure
- The Publishing Process
- The Manuscript and Editing Process
- Cover Design
- Interior Layout
- Printing and Production Costs
- Marketing and Sales

Let’s Get Your Book Published will help debunk some of the myths of the book publishing industry, outline and articulate all the necessary steps of the book-publishing process, and help you ultimately bring your book-publishing dreams into reality. 
Additional Book Titles
Finding Your Inner Truth, Stepping Into Your Becoming, Healing Your Dog Naturally
Author bio
NICOLE GABRIEL, MBA is a Professional Speaker, Book Publishing Coach, Book Designer, Small Business, Spiritual and Life Coach, Intuitive, animal loss/grief counselor and dog health/nutrition coach, student and teacher of Peruvian Shamanism and Kundalini yoga teacher (RYT 500). She is a raw vegan food enthusiast and nutrition coach, seeker of truth, animal rights advocate, supporter of women in technology, and owner of Vegan Dog Treats and her graphic design business Angel Dog Productions. As a former Auto Executive from Detroit, she holds an MBA in Technology Management.

Nicole's first book is like a cross between Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat Pray Love, Marley and Me, and Alberto Villoldo's Shaman Healer Sage, with her travels over Central and South America. Her second book is comparable to some of the teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz, Joe Vitale (Zero Limits) and discussions of Hawaiian Ho'oponopono. Her third book is a complete departure on the surface, but congruent with the messages of the first two as it follows up on earlier discussions of natural health and healing for her dogs and gives advice to other dog owners. There are many topics of discussion that go far beyond a book on natural herbs and holistic care. And, finally...her fourth book is a deep dive into how to write, publish, and market your book.

Her signature online program to teach the book writing process can help you become and author too! The video-instructed program will teach you how to write, market, and launch your book in a way comparable to how you might approach a business plan...planning for long-term results, not short term sales! For the last decade she has been doing a job she adores as a book layout and graphic designer. (design & layout for your book) (online book publishing training)
Professional Speaker Topics
- Overcoming Obstacles
- Transformational Leadership
- Natural Health, Healing, and Metaphysics
- Book Publishing and Design
- Turning Your Book Into an Online Training Program
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"A best seller is a one time accolade. Write a book with leverage-able content you can use for life!"

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