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Thriving While Black
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“Thriving While Black” sets out to explore the psychological and emotional consequences of being Black in America as well as in the workplace. The playing field for Whites and Blacks are not equal in both corporate and social strata. Blacks are discriminated against and excluded based on their skin color, which creates the question of what their place is in America.
Black workers in corporate America have to grapple with racial microaggressions in the workplace, which often involves White workers assuming that their Black counterparts are intellectually inferior to them; a phenomenon that is an obstacle to the upward mobility of Blacks in different organizations.
This book portrays that Blacks are Americans too and should not have to be seen as less and unequal. Since America prides itself in diversity, America should be able to bring diverse people together and allow their diversity to thrive rather than force them to adopt mainstream White culture and mannerisms. This is the focus of this book, and this should be the focus of America.
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Boston Massachusetts
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Cori J. Williams MSW L.C.S.W
Cori Williams MSW L.C.S.W is a graduate from the prestigious Boston University located in the heart of Boston Massachusetts. A multifaceted entrepreneur and Author, Cori is the owner of CKC Publishing House based in Atlanta Georgia. In his latest endeavor as an Executive Life Coach, he is the founder of Quintessential Wellness Solutions LLC., a Family Therapy & Executive Life Coaching Practice and Co-Owner of B&M Enterprises which is a real estate investors Company.
Before his entrepreneurial success, Williams worked in the Nonprofit industry for 12 years holding various leadership roles. In his career years, he assisted with establishing GED curriculum workshop for adult learners and facilitated numerous workshops for first-time fathers who struggle with maintaining consistency in the lives of their children and face social and emotional barriers which has prevented them from consistently engaging in the lives of their children in the urban communities.
Having transitioned into the coaching industry, he takes it upon himself to wholeheartedly use his experience to serve people. As an Executive Life coach, he works with professionals and individuals to identify their strengths. Working with career professionals and business owners, Mr. Williams helps them identify their business strengths and weaknesses to propel these regardless of the industry they service. Furthermore, he assists them in identifying and executing solutions to their problems. He also works with them to rebuild their confidence, purpose and drive to succeed in life. With his experience, these clients can also overcome emotional barriers that has prevented them from creating the impact in life and their professional world, showcasing their natural capabilities.
However, Mr. Williams finds his career paths to be abundantly rewarding and within his capabilities shares valuable experience to his clients. Whether in the corporate field, business, or wellness, he finds strength in seeing individuals thrive and living a life of purpose. Cori is inspired by the renowned Civil Rights Leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Besides coaching and entrepreneurship, he has co-authored academic journals and wellness/reentry curriculums focusing on reducing recidivism within the urban communities. Mr. Williams has also partnered with many well-established business professionals offering Coaching courses on Mindset Shifting for the purpose of prepping aspiring investors and business startups in effort to assist individuals with beginning the process of starting generational wealth.

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Don’t burn bridges, You’ll be surprised how many times you have to cross the same river!

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