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Structures Of A Solid Investment
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Beginners make costly mistakes and you want to avoid them.
This book will show you investing strategies that really work.
This book provides everything you’ll need.
There are simple guidelines that anyone can follow.
In this book, you will learn the following:

• Strategies to grow your cash like an intelligent investor
• Simple ways to analyze cashflow statements to identify the most profitable stocks
• The best trading platforms to buy stocks
• How to create watchlists to be ready when your favorite stocks go on sale
• Generating passive income with dividend yielding stocks
• How to choose the most profitable stocks using analytics
• How to choose stocks and ETFs that have the highest dividend yields
• Tactics used by professional traders to select stocks
• How to avoid the rookie mistakes I’ve made-so that you can protect the money you can’t afford to lose (I wouldn’t purchase a single stock without seeing this)
• Tactics used by Warren Buffett to maximize dividend growth
• How to generate growth by compounding to secure the financial wealth you deserve
• And many other tactical goodies

Even if you know nothing about the investing, this guide will help you develop the skills to identify the most profitable companies in the stock market.

I’ve read a lot of books that would give me full breakdown analysis and information on what to invest in, but I still had trouble making solid decisions, because they didn’t explain the reasoning behind why they did what they were doing.
The “why” is the most important part of investing.
If you know why you chose a company, you can be confident with your portfolio. This is what I was looking for as a beginner investor and I’ve got you covered!
Author bio
Antoine Cureton is the Author of Amazon's #1 Bestselling book; 'Structures Of A Solid Investment', Investment Coach, Technical Advisor with a passion for investing in dividend yielding stocks, Options trading, passive income, while motivating and inspiring our youth to become financially literate.
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