John Russell
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Riding with Ghosts, Angels, and the Spirits of the Dead
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As an internationally known professional psychic, riding my motorcycle tens of thousands of miles has resulted in some compelling–sometimes spine-chilling–paranormal adventures that make for a fun and entertaining read. Riding with Ghosts, Angels, and the Spirits of the Dead is an episodic collection of really good ghost stories…that all happen to be true. Ride along with me and experience: a phone call to a ghost? UFOs; Mystical weather; Civil War phantoms; EVP; crop circles; Indian Spirits; haunted forests; and much more! Think: Then Came Bronson meets the supernatural. Each unique essay offers up a spiritual truth or insight for further contemplation, such as the fact that powerful, unseen intelligences on the Other Side observe us and listen to us, and are sometimes able to grant our desires, offer us further insights into the spiritual realm, and can literally save our lives; if we’ll listen to them and pay attention.
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I have extensive qualifications to have written this book: in addition to my 45 plus years’ expertise as a professional psychic with a worldwide clientele, and as a paranormal investigator who has witnessed over 800 supernatural manifestations, I’ve also been an avid motorcyclist for over 50 years.
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