Sharon S Darrow
Most Recent Book Title
Faces of Rescue, Cats, Kittens and Great Danes
Book Description
This book contains stories and full-color pictures of some of the hundreds of animals the author has rescued through the years, as well as of people involved in animal rescue. Readers will be reminded of animals from their own lives, as they are inspired and motivated to make a difference in their own communities.
Additional Book Titles
Bottlekatz, A Complete Care Guide for Orphan Kittens

From Hindsight to Insight, A Traditional to Metaphysical Memoir
Location (city/state/country)
Sacramento, CA USA
Author bio
I’m still passionate about animal rescue after more than 20 years of raising a total of over 500 orphan kittens. My specialty was kittens just hours old, which required feeding and care every two hours. I still work closely with rescue groups, teaching classes and giving hands-on instructions. My first book, "Bottlekatz, a Complete Care Guide for Orphan Kittens" is currently being used as a training manual for rescue groups throughout the United States.
My second book is a memoir, “From Hindsight to Insight; A Traditional to Metaphysical Memoir,” which includes a wide variety of subjects from suicide to spirituality, kittens to a congressman, Hells Angels to cancer, the NAPW (National Association of Professional Women) to a knife wielding hitchhiker. There’s something to strike a chord with every reader.
My third book, “Faces of Rescue; Cats, Kittens and Greats” includes stories of many of hundreds of animals I’ve rescued through the years. It is also is full of full-color pictures of rescued animals and people who make a difference.
In addition to animal rescue work and writing, I’m a business owner and motivational speaker. I’ve lived most of my life in Sacramento, California, where my husband and I still reside with our Great Dane, Ellen, and our cats.
Professional Speaker Topics
Kitten / Cat Rescue, how and why

Effective Networking is Personal

Turning dreams into print
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Every problem comes with the promise of a gift. We have the problem, because we need the gift it brings.

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