Barbara A Parish
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Watercolor Value to Color Parallel
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See The Value and Match The Color
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Watercolor Meet The Brushes
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Hesperia, California USA
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Barbara A. Parish
Watercolor Artist/Teacher/Author

WAOW ~ Women Artists of the West, Signature, Emeritus Member
Editor: The West Wind Newsletter ~ The Voice of Women Artists of The West

SDWS ~ San Diego Watercolor Society, Member
Juried Gallery Exhibit ~ Studio and Plein Air Painting

CWC ~ California Writers Club ~ High Desert Branch Author
Barbara added the word Author to her title, Artist/Teacher/Author, writing watercolor instruction books for her students and the painters who want to step forward with watercolor techniques. Listed on

Watercolor ~ Meet The Brushes
Create the Stroke and Control the Flow

Watercolor ~ Value to Color Parallel
SEE the Value and Match the Color

Soon to be published: Watercolor ~ Artistic Perspective

Every year Barbara participates in one watercolor workshop taught by a colleague. Participating in an annual watercolor workshop keeps her up with the new and refreshes the old techniques for designing the page and painting.
Barbara’s experience with painting and teaching watercolor techniques has grown over the last two decades, keeping a strong connection to learning and teaching the watercolor painting process.
Check Website for “What’s Happening” New Paintings, Workshop Dates, Classes, and Watercolor Instruction Books 760 662-3547
Professional Speaker Topics
Watercolor techniques and the courage to paint
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