John Russell
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Riding with Ghosts, Angels, and the Spirits of the Dead
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"Riding with Ghosts, Angels, and the Spirits of the Dead is a work of non-fiction in the spiritual, supernatural, and life experience sub-genres, and was penned by author John Russell. An extraordinary and intriguing work, the book explains the pursuits of the author in relation to his psychic and paranormal talents and is written for adult audiences owing to the use of some explicit language on occasion. Working as a professional psychic, we journey with Russell on his motorcycle as he rides from tale to tale, offering historical and contemporary paranormal experiences or, as the author himself puts it, some really entertaining ghost stories which also happen to be true.
"Whether you fully believe in paranormal phenomena or not, author John Russell delivers a superbly well-penned and highly engaging collection of tales to enjoy. The series of stories and essays are all episodic in nature, meaning that you can turn to any story in any order and really enjoy it as a capsule of intrigue, humor, darkness, and discovery. What won me over time and again was the spirit of the author himself, whose nature is easy-going and enthusiastic in his pursuit and depiction of his many different experiences. This makes the book a true winner on every page for its writing style alone. Overall, I would highly recommend Riding with Ghosts, Angels, and the Spirits of the Dead to all readers who enjoy exploring the true-life paranormal experiences of others and take an interest in the psychic profession." — Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite
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Florida, USA
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I became aware of my psychic abilities around the age of six years old; started giving psychic readings to friends and family at around age 15; and by the age of 18 I was reading professionally. I eventually became internationally known, reading for clients in more than 30 countries.

I was also about 15 when my love of motorcycling took hold. I had been addicted to bicycles my entire life, relishing the freedom and the thrill of independent movement and speed they offered. Now I had two wheels and a motor that would take me to states far away if I desired. The concept was astonishing and engendered a lifelong love of motorcycling.

Fast forward and after several decades of life as a professional psychic and paranormal investigator, and with many miles spent in the saddles of my motorcycles, my psychic gift and my penchant for attracting supernatural experiences and my love of motorcycling merged, and–because of a brainstorming session with my TV producer–you’re reading the result: Riding with Ghosts, Angels, and the Spirits of the Dead, a psychic and paranormal adventure that is truly unique in the realm of spiritual literature, and one that accurately sums up my experiences with the Other Side, that invisible realm that interacts with ours in ways that range from mind-blowing to spine-chilling.
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