B.A Boland
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Song of the Blue Star
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Discusses the subject of the Hopi prophecy of the 'blue star' and what this means and what the Celtic corresponding connection is to this - and to the concept of the 'sacred covenant'. this books deal also with the linking and intertwining of the traditions and spiritual ideas and philosophy of Native Americans with the ancient Celtic and Irish insights that are gained from within the store of myths and legends in manuscripts and folklore. the books outlines a path for those interested in the ceremonial way and links also the new science of astronomy with the ancient ideas that our ancestors had about the star realms. This book is for those who have an active interest in shamanism paganism, new age spirituality, metaphysics, self help and religious traditions, intercultural understanding and the linking of the ancient wisdom with our modern knowledge and living. Clearly written and well presented in an understandable way, it is 236 pages in a 6 x 9 format paperback edition and released in July 2014.
Additional Book Titles
Forthcoming book - SONG OF THE RED STAR
Location (city/state/country)
Carrick on Shannon Ireland
Author bio
B.A Boland worked in peace-building and community development programmes for many years and The Song of the Blue Star is her first book. She has followed the path of intercultural understanding and an interest in the spiritual paths of old and new civilisations - with particular interest in linking the wisdom of Native America with the ancient heritage of the Celts. She holds an MA in Peace and Conflict Studies and BA in Psychology, with many additional professional development qualifications including a Diploma in Counselling and Community Mediation Certification. her main purpose in the Song of the Blue Star is to illuminate teachings that will be relevant for the current times and to offer guidance from this experiential journey that will assist and empower people who are interested to pursue their own authentic path in self discovery and self- knowledge
Professional Speaker Topics
Sacred Covenant of the land and of Heaven and Earth - and article written for Sacred hoop magazine issue September 2014
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

'I am another you' (A Mayan Quote)

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