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Etched in Sapphire
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In everyone’s life, there comes a defining moment when things change forever. Our defining moment came at a Youth Animators’ Training Program at Don Bosco Youth Centre – Koregaon Park. In a simple, but profound session “My Life – A Best Seller”, I had challenged the participants to dive deep into their past, relish their present moments and to reorganise their future course of action. Elstan Fernandez and his wife Lorraine were participants of this 16-module workshop. Every participant was invited to divide their life’s story into seven chapters. Each chapter had to focus on their ‘eureka’ and ‘caramba’ moments. Finally, they were to ask these two all-important questions: ‘Where was God in these moments? And how did I make a ‘significant choice’ in this chapter of my life?
This book, ‘Etched in Sapphire’ is a fruit of those deep reflective moments.
In a very candid style, and at times not afraid to call a spade a spade, Elstan opens up the story of his life. Deeply rooted in his intergenerational connections, one sees the lasting values of family, faith, ethics and leadership flow right into his blood stream. He surely is a ‘survivor and a warrior’! His spirit of resilience and ‘never-say-die’ attitude has been his forte. One sees the passion, the leadership, the grit to overcome challenges and the ‘failure churned to success’ all in a happy blend. Without a doubt, he puts his life story rooted in deep faith. He rightly affirms, “God is the cornerstone of my life.”
Living in a world that is so deplete of role models, ‘Etched in Sapphire’ comes at a right time. Young people need ‘significant others’ in their lives. Real lives matter. There is a sublime interplay – of real facts, conversation, punchlines, one-line motivators between the biographer Shallu and the protagonist Elstan himself. The entire book makes easy reading too. Reading through, one can visualise every conversation; every personality, every event comes alive.
In a world that seeks easy solutions and short cuts as the ladder to success, this life-story negates such myths. Struggle and grit coupled with value-based choices are the path to meaningful living. The 16 practical aspects of life that a young person or a millennial should focus on, are fruits of Elstan’s personal book of life. He willingly shares his journey from school to the Navy, from failure to success, from rags to World record holder, in order to enhance their lives too. This is a noble contribution to society and to the young at large, especially in these COVID-19 lockdown times.
‘Etched in Sapphire’ will definitely reach every home, every young heart and motivate them to make of their lives a beautiful ‘sapphire’ too. My dream is to see this best seller made into a biopic too. It has to move from bookshelf to movie screen. May God continue to inspire many more ‘roller-coaster’ lives to bring out the best of themselves as Managers, Leaders, Entrepreneurs and create a happier and greener world for all.
Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb
Additional Book Titles
Self Authored:
1) Marine Electrical Technology - 11 Editions
1) Marine Control Technology - 4 Editions
2) Competency in Marine Electrical Engineering - 2 Editions
3) Marine High Voltage Technology
4) The Explosion Protection Guide for Mariners
5) Applied Marine Control and Automation
6) ETO & MEO Class IV CoC Q&A
7) Hydraulics for Mariners
8) Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Marine Electrical Systems
9) A Pocket Guide for Testing Electronic Components on Ships and Land
+ two forthcoming books:
10) Troubleshooting of Marine Electrical Systems Volume 2
11) Intelligent Marine Engines
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World’s #1 Author in Marine Engineering Education (based on the number of publications / copyrights and as per recent internet searches and popularity / international usage of my books - still seeking clarity / help to establish the fact through a certification body)
Founder Member of Indian Authors Association
Member of World Authors Association
Promising Indian of the Year - 2017
Fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India)
Chartered Engineer - Institution of Engineers (India)
Member of The Institution of Engineering and Technology (UK)
Member of Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square (USA)
Certified Maritime Trainer and Assessor
Specialist in Marine Control Systems
Submarine Veteran

Current Appointments:
Co-Founder KUAILZ Education and Training System
Co-Founder ZEDKUAILZ Publishers (OPC) Private Limited
CEO and Co-Founder, Xiotas Technologies
Founder MarineElectricity.com
Advisory Board, Promising Indians Society
Leader’s Panel, Zen Leadership Excellence
Head of Development and Operations, Solar Association
Member of the Diocese Youth Ministry as a Youth Animator
Electrical Officer, Faculty for ETOs and Course Officer for Marine Electrical Practices,
Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies, Pune, India.

Summary of Experience:
A total of 41+ years of learning, hands-on and teaching in the Maritime / Clean Energy Industry
• Managerial / Leadership Experience with successful start-ups (> 20 years – including two greenfield projects plus three self-funded start-ups)
• Teaching in the Maritime Industry (> 22 years as a Certified Trainer)
• Author of 12 technical books (~ 29 years – including 10 international editions for the past 18
years) plus two more international technical editions nearing completion
• ISO 9000 Quality Management System implementation and auditing (~ 10 years)
• Operation and Maintenance of Marine Electrical and Control Systems (~ 35 years)
• Global Command Center Management for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Energy Servers (~ 5.5 years)
• About 30 years as a philanthropist, social worker and mentor
• International Experience - Visited 20 Countries, Interacted with ~50 Nationalities
Professional Speaker Topics
Professional Trainer in the Maritime Industry - focused on Marine Electrical and Control Engineering
Trained Youth Animator and Motivational Speaker
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Empathize - everything else falls in place

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