Kyle Tackwell Ball
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Altared: A Tale of Renovating a Medieval Church in Tuscany
Book Description
A memoir based on my experience transforming a ruined chapel in Italy. The property was an historic way station for Crusaders and religious pilgrims dating from the 12th century, and an ossuary with hundreds of skeletons was unearthed in the backyard. I battled an invasion of mysterious insects, guests who held up the local lavanderia and a resident ghost with a penchant for Marlboro Lights. The project took so long there was a change in Italy's national currency, but I emerged - battered and bitten - but victorious. The church was featured in the March 2010 "Before and After" issue of Architectural Digest. (
Location (city/state/country)
Atlanta, GA
Author bio
Kyle’s sense of adventure after living abroad for seven years, combined with a love of all things Italian, proved to be the perfect catalyst for renovating a medieval church in Chianti. A baby boomer with a background in public relations, Kyle has a longstanding passion for interior design and architecture. She is an only child, which explains everything, and has a stubborn approach to life assuming she can fix everything. The first name, Kyle, for a female, is a constant source of problems, but it suits her anyway. Illinois born, but with a Southern soul thanks to her mom’s Tennessee roots, she feels most at home in the Southeast U. S.

This is Kyle’s debut, and probably her swan song, as an author. At least she knows she’s not renovating another Italian chapel anytime soon.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"...We shape our homes and then our homes shape us."
Winston Churchill

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