Guy Boulianne
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La Société fabienne: les maîtres de la subversion démasqués (French)
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After having traced a history, the breeding ground on which the Fabienne Society was able to establish itself - the City of London and the vogue for socialism and communism - the author sets out to demonstrate how this society infiltrates all over the world and in all strata of society, through their promoters and its school to format the minds of its students, London School Economics, with the aim of disseminating their ideas of world domination.
Additional Book Titles
1983 : Avant-propos d'un prince fou (recueil de poésie).
1987 : La bataille des saints (recueil de poésie).
1996 : Acacia (recueil collectif).
2007 : Les Biflides se souviennent (récit).
2007 : Le Mont du roi (essai historique).
2009 : Anthologie Rêves de Poésie (recueil collectif).
2016 : Le Prince Fou (série de volumes).
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Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Author bio
In 1983, Guy Boulianne published a first collection of poetry entitled "Avant-propos d’un prince fou", followed in 1987 by a second collection entitled "La bataille des saints". In 1983, he was appointed to the board of directors of the Regroupement des Auteurs-Éditeurs Autonomes (RAEA).

From 2005 to 2009, he was the editor-in-chief of the Mille Poètes publishing house (Delaware, United States). He leads all aspects of the business there: development, marketing, publishing, graphics, web design and many other areas. In 2010, he won the Honorary diploma of the French-speaking world at the "Concours Europoésie UNICEF 2010", in France. His name also appears in the "Dictionnaire des poètes d’ici – de 1606 à nos jours" (Dictionary of poets from here - from 1606 to the present day), published by Éditions Guérin, Quebec.

In 2009, he founded the Éditions Dédicaces where he published authors from all over the world. This publishing house is still active today. In the meantime, he wrote and published the books "Le Prince Fou", volumes 1 and 2 (translated into English and Spanish), and "La Société fabienne: Les maîtres de la subversion démasqués". Guy Boulianne wrote the preface for the books of Giovanni Cristofalo (Italy), “Le mystère de la croix de Pauciuri: Sur les traces de l’abbé Ursus, de l’Ordre de Sion et des Templiers de Calabre”, and of Jarl Alé de Basseville (France), “Mon devoir” (translated into English and Albanian).
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